Getting you from “A” to “B” as efficiently as possible

About Us

We are dedicated local drivers with more than 50-years of experience in the community.

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A2B Taxis Oban are dedicated local drivers, committed to getting you from “A” to “B” as efficiently as possible. 
We have vast local knowledge and understanding of our ever growing community, Argyll, and the UK as a whole. 
We can offer contract hire, long distance hire and scheduled pick ups through our pre booking service. Please always get in touch for free, no obligation quotes. 
We can be accessed into the early hours every day, and weekends we have a 24 hour operation to manage the demand. 
We are committed to safe driving. We value our customer’s safety and also have access to local police and emergency services to ensure the safety of our drivers too. 
As some days are busier than others, we strive to be accurate in our pick up times and if we are super busy, we will always be upfront and honest with you as to how long it will be. We will never leave you waiting when another taxi could get you a lot quicker. We put honesty and respect over profit. 

What We Do

Working Hours

Monday – Thursday: 7am – 3am

Friday – Sunday: 24-hour service

Getting you from A to B

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